At RazorAudit, we know the stress of an underperforming website.


Not knowing what’s wrong is bad enough.
Not knowing how to fix it is even worse.

At some point every business faces it, that sickening realization “Our website isn’t working!” followed by the helpless question, “What now?”

Hey, we’ve been there too.

In 2006 we launched RazorSocial, our digital marketing blog.

At the time we knew little about website analytics, conversion rate optimization, SEO, or selling products online. But through a ton of hard work—and lots of trial and error—our highly focused and passionate team built RazorSocial into a digital marketing site visited by millions annually. (In fact, Inc. named us one of the world’s top ten digital marketing blogs).

We learned how websites work--and why so many don’t.

Along the way, we discovered something else: Good luck trying to find an independent website review service! Oh, you can find free or low-cost audits from marketing agencies. But those reports are typically full of technical jargon. And almost all of them end with some version of: “We recommend a new web$ite (and here’$ our propo$al for what that would co$t).”

We scoured the web, searching for an independent service that tells businesses, “Here are your website issues, and here’s how you can fix them.” No luck. That’s when our entrepreneurial spirit kicked in.

Ian Cleary

We started RazorAudit with the same values and service ethic we used to build RazorSocial.

Now we’re one of the world’s only independent website analysis services. No sales, just thorough, honest reviews. In our reports, we don’t just tell you what’s wrong with your website. We include a list of actionable items so you can improve what you’ve already got.

How’s business? Glad you asked! We’re proud to report we have a 100% success rate. We’ve never had a customer say they wouldn’t want to work with us again.

The fact is, if you’ve got website issues, we can help you identify and correct them. The process is easy. Simply click the button below and buy the audit plan that meets your needs and budget. You’ll be on your way to a website that drives more traffic and results in more sales!

At RazorAudit, we believe you deserve a thriving online business!

RazorAudit values:
  • Actionable - We give actionable advice.
  • Honest - We always give an honest opinion.
  • Quality - We aim to impress with our work.
  • Helpful - We like helping.
  • Friendly - We like meeting new people.
  • Price - We don't reduce on work so we don't reduce on price.
  • Fun - We like to laugh!

We understand… optimizing a website can be confusing.

Especially when you’re busy 24/7 trying to do all the other things necessary to grow your business.

Let us use our expertise to take that burden off your plate. We can show you a clear path forward.

“Ian and his team pointed out a couple of serious problems with simple fixes. We’re already seeing a big jump in traffic and sales!”

David Blundell

“We’ve earned back our investment several times over. Thanks, RazorAudit!”

Justin Mullen